Bar-i Liquid Accounting offers the fastest and most accurate counting technology in the industry from our Denver, Colorado headquarters.

With our four sophisticated liquor inventory systems, Bar-i has the optimal solution for your bar or restaurant’s budget and needs. From downloadable software product subscriptions to full service managed liquor inventory solutions, Bar-i will enable you to streamline every aspect of your bar’s operations from POS system setup to automated weekly ordering.

Bar-i liquor inventory systems:


Benefits of using one of the most advanced bar inventory systems on the market:

Unique counting technology - weigh each liquor bottle in 2 seconds to the hundredth of an ounce


Count full bottles using voice command - save even more time


Software mapping system - count inventory in the same order your liquor inventory is arranged in each zone, saving time and improving accuracy. Easily make changes with wireless a barcode reader.


Automated ordering - Automagically  create your weekly order each week based on dynamic pars which is conveniently organized by distributor.


Sold vs Poured - Precisely compare how many ounces of each product were poured versus actually sold.


Free Spot Checking - Speed Count Pro users have the ability to product virtually real-time results by auditing single shifts/ days


Users of our core liquor inventory products are able to reduce their liquor costs by 3% on average. To compare full features list consult our pricing page.

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