Bar-i Liquid Accounting provides liquor inventory systems to bars and restaurants nationwide from our Denver, Colorado headquarters.

We offer four liquor inventory software products ranging from our genuinely free liquor inventory spreadsheet to our full service bar inventory system.

Our unique bar inventory counting technology allows user to weigh liquor bottles one per two seconds and count full bottles using voice command.

Bar-i Speed Count is a fraction of the cost of equivalent systems by Partender® and Accubar®.

Literally the fastest way to calculate liquor cost at your bar for just $50 per month. We provide free bar profitability consultations and users of our core liquor inventory products reduce their liquor costs by three full percentage points on average.

Qualified individuals may be interested in our Franchise opportunity aimed at those wishing to start their own liquor inventory auditing business using our proven beverage inventory system.

Our franchise model includes a protected geographic territory literally double the size, and half the cost, of our competitors Bevintel/ Sculpture Hospitality. Call today to halve the time you spend on liquor inventory each period whilst increasing efficiency, bartender accountability and bar profits.

It's time to Lose the F@#$ing Clipboard!