Westside Cafe

What’s your business concept?

Casual American comfort food in a neighborhood environment.

Why did you decide to have a trial?

Liquor inventory / liquor control. I always thought it was curious that bars have the same people pouring as they have doing inventory. That’s just not right. The owners could pile inventory onto their plate but it usually doesn’t get done well if that is the case. Having a third party come in and do it just makes total sense if you think about it.

What do you like about the service?

Automated. Set it & forget it. I just review the reports once completed & take the appropriate action.

What benefits have you seen since using the service?

Our shrinkage has decreased: Before we began regular inventory audits, around one in every five servings used was going missing through overpouring and other issues. Using the detailed information we receive in our Bar-i reports, we were quickly able to reduce the shrinkage to less than one in twenty servings (80% to 95% Accountability). The effect on our liquor cost has been significant.

What challenges have you experienced in using the service?

It’s been pain free. Great service offered.

Westside Cafe