The Hornet

What’s your business concept?

Primarily an upscale pub serving innovative comfort food with a little international flair. We have an eclectic crowd anywhere from the neighborhood tattoo artist, to local business people and even the police force. Whether you’re looking for a burger and a PBR or a nice piece of fresh fish with a martini, we’re the place.

Why did you decide to have a trial?

I decided to have a trial based on the amount of time I don’t have: Obviously setting up a proper inventory system takes a lot of time as far as spreadsheets and such. Just to see what you guys could do and see if it could save me a significant amount of time.

What do you like about the service?

What we like about the service is detailed results. We like tracking the progress and having the ability to see how we’ve improved since we started with your inventory system. I like the fact we’re making more money and also the fact it shows us where our price points could be off and where adjusting them could make us more money. Again I also like that it saves me time!

What do you dislike about the service?

That it costs money. There’s not too much to dislike other than the cost but you end up saving more money than it costs.

What challenges have you experienced?

A problematic draft system (laughs). Getting our POS system in line and making sure it’s as accurate as can be and that our drink recipes are consistent. Back to the draft; the challenge is using the information to figure out what the underlying problems are.

How have the bartenders reacted?

The bartenders have reacted very well since the beginning: Liquor costs have dropped. They react positively because they like to see results, they like to know they’re making a difference and they don’t want to be the one that’s letting the group down.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking of having a trial?

Why not? I like to think we run a fairly tight ship here and yet we still have room to improve so why wouldn’t any other bar owner. For the minimal cost involved it’s well worth it in what you can save and most importantly what you can learn.

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