The Berkshire

What’s your business concept?

Refined comfort food. Our slogan says it all: “Swine, wine and a good time”

Why did you decide to have a trial of our liquor inventory system?

I had tried Bevinco at the suggestion of a friend. Initially we saw good success however I didn’t enjoy working with Bevinco. When I found out about Bar-i I was excited to give them a try since I felt the idea was a great thing for restaurants. Really it was a no-brainer to bring Bar-i in.

What do you like about our liquor inventory service?

The ease of the service and being able to put my finger in any bit of loss. Bar-i does all the work then I just take the report and speak to my employees with specific information about what’s missing. Putting a little bit of fear into the employees that we expect them to do an excellent job is immensely valuable.

What challenges have you experienced using our liquor inventory software?

Sometimes the invoices can be a problem which is an annoyance though that is usually due to our systems. Not being consistent with where we keep product also creates a complication but honestly that’s more of a problem for Bar-i.

How do the barstaff react to our liquor inventory reports?

The barstaff don’t always react positively but they do respond to it which I view as a positive thing. We’re probably in a minority of bars since we’ve had the same bartenders for over two years which helps. Another important element has been rewarding managers and bartender based on the results which has been effective.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking of having a trial of our liquor inventory system?

Do the trial immediately and you’ll see what a difference it makes: Every bar out there is losing product. Every bar is loosing money no matter what you think. You’ll be fascinated by how much you’re loosing. Just by talking to your staff, they’ll be shocked about the quantity and they’ll realize what they’re doing accidentally that is making product disappear. Just taking that one step (showing your staff the results) will cut your loss in half. When you continue on the program you can use the information to continue to get better and better and achieve that 98 or 99% Accountability which is awesome. You’ll be surprised of the size of the effect when your bar is kicking ass this much.

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