Mellow Mushroom

What’s your business concept?

A badass pizza joint with a focus on premium ingredients and premium beers. We appeal to a range of consumers from vegans to carnivores with beer bellies.

Why did you decide to have a trial?

I decided to take a trial of Bar-I because the value of the information…… is that it allows us to manage our bar business a lot more closely. Plus we can look at historical and trend data.

What do you like about the service?

I like the concise and easy-to-digest format of the reports.

What do you dislike about the service?

We had an issue early on where counting errors were not being identified and therefore the reports sometimes had errors. After speaking with Bar-i about it they developed a variance report which we now use to catch and fix any errors so they don’t end up in our reports. The fact they made a significant change to their system based on our feedback speaks volumes about how they operate.

What would you say to an owner that is thinking of having a trial?

I would tell anyone who is serious about their bar business to give Bar-i a shot. It will make you take a deeper look at your bar operations and will only make your business better.

Mellow Mushroom