What’s your business concept?

Street food. A way to intimately connect with communities different from our own. All around the world “Street Food” is vibrant, social, humble and diverse. Our’s is a singular menu that embraces diversity: of food, people, ethnicities, cultures and life.

Why did you decide to have a trial of Bar-i’s liquor inventory system?

We have an strong emphasis on food but sometimes the bar program doesn’t receive as much attention. Our chef owner is more focused on the food and trying Bar-i gave us a chance to add their expertise to our bar business.

What do you like about Bar-i’s liquor inventory service?

It’s really tailored to our business model. Being a locally run, independent restaurant we sometimes have quirky ways of doing things. I like how Bar-I has taken the trouble to make their system work with our existing systems. Also that they really care about our liquor cost and it’s not simply doing a job. They’ve become part of our management team.

What do you dislike about the liquor inventory service?

When we don’t figure out where the missing product went. It forces us to confront issues when they’re here every Wednesday so things they uncover are addressed rather than being lost in the list of 10 other projects we have going on.

What challenges have you experienced?

Organizing everything behind the bar. Making people accountable for the things we need to improve. Generally it’s easier to keep the existing systems even if they’re not the most efficient so the challenge to switch over to a better way of doing things.

How do the bartenders react?

They’ve reacted well. We’ve seen a big improvement since we started with the system. We are fortunate to have such experienced staff so they see the point of using a tool like this.

What would you say to an owner considering a trial of Bar-i’s liquor inventory system?

You’ll save money.

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