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Performing liquor inventory may not be the most exciting part of running a bar, but it’s one of the most important. When you use Bar-i’s hybrid liquor inventory system, your efforts can help improve your business in many ways, including:

  • • Refining your ordering process to ensure you have the right quantity of every product on hand at all times
  • • Reducing the amount of time spent on the liquor inventory process
  • • Achieving the actionable information necessary to identify which products are performing well and which ones are problematic
  • • Reducing your liquor cost (on average, our clients experience a 3% reduction in liquor cost)
  • • Creating better accountability among your bar staff
  • • Maximizing your profitability

Bar-i doesn’t provide another “solution,” we provide the answer. The beauty of our liquor inventory software is that all the data entry, calculations, and analysis is performed by professionals. You count it (using two hands, voice command and scales) then we take care of the rest.

This allows you to concentrate on what you’re good at — running your business and managing your staff. Contrast this with spending hours taking inventory, only to calculate a liquor cost which gives you no actionable information about how to increase performance.

See an Example Report

liquor inventory scale - Bar-i Bar Inventory

  1. Bar codes used to identify products
  2. Open bottles are weighed for accuracy
  3. Voice command makes counting fast
  4. No more manual data entry into excel

bar inventory system - managing liquor deliveries - Bar-i

  1. Simply save and scan your paper invoices
  2. Bar-i takes care of data entry
  3. Prices are updated to ensure accuracy and identify billing errors

liquor inventory software - POS integration - Bar-i Bar Inventory

  1. Bar-i integrates with any touch-screen POS
  2. We accurately account for every single drink you sell
  3. Complimentary advice to optimize your POS system

full service liquor inventory - Expected Inventory - Bar-i

  1. Bar-i accounts for every ounce of product from delivery truck to customer
  2. This allows us to compare what should be there (expected inventory) with what is really there (actual inventory)

draft beer inventory in bars - Actual Inventory - Bar-i Bar Inventory

  1. You or your manager count in half the time using our proprietary counting software
  2. Our unique “mapping system” makes it the fastest liquor inventory software available
  3. Layered error checks and professional support ensure accuracy

liquor inventory loss report - bar inventory systems - Bar-i

  1. Reports are professionally prepared ensuring results are timely, accurate and independently verified
  2. Handwritten recommendations provide practical advice for managers
  3. Detailed and actionable information allows you to manage your business more closely

full service bar inventory system - Bar-i

  1. Staff perform better as they receive regular, detailed feedback
  2. Mangers enjoy spending less time on inventory and having better information to manage with

If you’re ready to benefit from our experience and evolve your operations, contact us to arrange the setup of our liquor inventory software at your bar. Bar-i serves bars and restaurants nationwide from our offices in Denver, Colorado.

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