Highland Pacific

What’s your business concept?

Restaurant/ bar specializing in seafood and oysters. Live music and a strong emphasis on customer service.

Why did you decide to have a trial?

A good friend of ours, Andy Ganick from the Berkshire, recommended it. We could kind of see things slipping from our own end but we couldn’t identify it down to the decimal. Bar-i came in and solved that problem.

What do you like about the service?

How exact and precise it is.

What do you dislike about the service?

I don’t dislike anything. I like the full service though we’ve currently only used it for a short while.

What challenges have you experienced in using the service/ how do the bartenders react?

It’s basically just accountability. We found that the bartenders that are suspect react the greatest. The challenges are getting people to manage everything that’s poured.

What would you say to an owner who’s thinking of having a trial?

I’d say do it, no questions asked.

Highland Pacific