Liquor Inventory FAQ’s

How does your liquor inventory system work?

The service works by providing owners and managers with detailed information about performance of individual products rather than lumping all products together into Liquor Cost. By identifying specific product variances (where the amount rung doesn’t tally with the amount used), operators are able to collaborate with staff and quickly resolve problems. The detail of the information means you get actionable information such as we are missing 7 bottles of Bud Light this week or wines by the glass are being poured 6% heavy on average. Put simply it’s better performance through better information.

How does your speed count liquor inventory system differ from other liquor inventory services?

Our liquor inventory system combines the lower cost associated with doing the actual counting yourself, with the accuracy and results of having professionals handle the calculations, error checking and reporting. Our clients use an excel-based liquor inventory spreadsheet to count their product. We provide the spreadsheet for free and train staff how to use it. The counting tool typically halves the time taken to count inventory and makes it more accurate by using a scale and various error checks. The client then emails the completed tool, along with a POS report and invoice scans and then gets on with doing their job. We perform all data entry, error checking and analysis remotely and perform any follow up by phone and email. Our clients receive a professionally prepared liquor cost performance report the same day and benefit from professional advice whenever they need it.

How much does it cost to use your liquor inventory spreadsheet?

It costs as little as $200 per month (on a monthly plan) but our most popular package is $150 every two weeks. For bars that do their liquor inventory on a weekly basis, the cost is $120 per week. We like to say the service is free since the savings, even at wholesale prices, are typically three times the cost of the service.

How often do you perform liquor inventory?

Most commonly our clients are on a two week audit schedule but for large clients, and during periods of higher volume, we often run weekly audit cycles. Most importantly, since we never require clients to sign term contracts, schedules are totally flexible and clients can adjust the frequency with which they use our services as sales and performance dictate. It’s easy to optimize the schedule when you have hard numbers to based decisions upon.

What challenges do clients typically experience using your liquor inventory system?

Although the system is extremely effective, it’s not magic. Improving the profitability of your business requires that you use the information to manage your staff effectively. The challenge is to solve the problems once they have been identified. Our reports contain a ‘staff report’ page that boils down performance into simple numbers. The clients that get the most out of our service tend to use this page as a basis for discussion with staff after every cycle so they can work together fixing any issues.

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