Eric’s – Downstairs at Breckenridge

What’s your business concept?

Downstairs at Erics is a family sports bar. High volume; pizza, beer, and burgers. 14 HD tv’s and family fun.

Why did you decide to have a trial?

When I first saw the brochure, I thought: “Oh great, somebody is selling me a scale and some software. I don’t have the time to be counting all that shit.” Then I saw that Bar-i does all the counting, and at a reasonable price, so I decided to give them a try. (Downstairs at Eric’s uses the full service option)

What do you like about the service?

It gives me a reliable way to keep track of inventory that requires only a small amount of my time and effort, without relying on my staff (the people that we are checking in on) to do it. At first it was hard to let strangers into our business to this degree, but now I see the value of having an outside contractor do it.

What benefits have you seen?

The major benefit has been to our bottom line. In one year we will have reduced our liquor costs by more than 4%. With our volume, that comes to about a $41,000 increase in gross profit on bar sales. I believe that we will be able to keep these gains and increase them in the future with the help of Bar-i. Other benefits include a much better idea of exactly where our product is going, better control over liquor comps, a great reduction in waste, and a curtailment of bartender drinking that we have been struggling with for years.

What challenges have you experienced?

The challenges have been mostly been in the tuning of the POS system to reflect the actual usage, and in the tuning of the staff to reduce waste and keep accurate track of product through the POS.

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