What’s your business concept?

We represent ourselves as casually refined dining experience which happens to have 10 lanes of bowling. We have a world class food menu and an in-depth beverage program.

Why did you decide to have a trial of our liquor inventory system?

It sounded like a great idea. Bar-i presented an awesome concept so we said why not?…Let’s see what it does. We already had an inventory program set in place but let’s see if people that do this for a living can’t do it better than us and it turned out to work amazingly.

What do you like about the liquor inventory service?

We enjoy the fact that after taking all the time that Bar-i spends making our reports, they break it all that down so you can see every little detail on there. There are certain things that we couldn’t do ourselves for example with the Accountability. Bar-i has obviously perfected the service they sell and it helps out a great deal being able to see where everything’s going.

What challenges have you experienced using our liquor inventory software and reports?

I think the only real challenge have been administrative such as gathering all the invoices and receipts the first few times we used the service. Gathering all that information and finding a convenient system to make the information available. It’s quite easy and very user friendly.

How do the bartenders react to our liquor inventory reports?

The barstaff have been fine. They haven’t felt like they’re under a microscope especially when you put it in terms of accountability. After having that conversation that it’s just here for accountability reasons to see if everything is being rung in everyone’s pretty comfortable with it.

What would you say to an owner considering a trial of our liquor inventory system?

I’d definitely say give them a whirl, for sure. It’s definitely been very worthwhile on our end..

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