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Alcohol TIPS training certification classes for $40 per person

In today’s world, the liability associated with serving alcohol is a serious concern for all bar and restaurant professionals. Becoming TIPS certified has become the national standard and the reduction in insurance premiums, reduced liability and operational advantages mean that most Colorado bars and restaurants now require employees to become TIPS certified by attending a TIPS alcohol training class every three years.As part of our commitment to providing the best management support for bars and restaurants in Colorado, Bar-i now offers TIPS training classes to all. Rather than have your employees receive alcohol TIPS training from a part-time TIPS training instructor, we invite you to schedule a class with us and allow a full-time industry professional with over 25 years of experience get your employees TIPS certified.

Bar-i offers TIPS training certification classes at $40 per person with a ten person minimum. If you have less than ten people who need alcohol TIPS training, let us know your requirements and we’ll include you in one of our group classes.

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