Liquor Inventory Case Study #5

If you asked the owner of the bar below how to inventory liquor I’m confident he’d suggest using Bar-i’s liquor inventory system. The figure below shows the staff report page from the most recent liquor inventory audit we completed for him. The table in the top left breaks down some of their key performance statistics from the liquor inventory audit cycle. Taking the category ‘Liquor’ as an example; the ‘Accountability’ column shows that 99% of the liquor used was accounted for. 2757 liquor drinks were rung and 2776 poured. The ‘Total Loss at Wholesale’ column shows a negative loss ($21.68) due to substitution between different products. The ‘Accountability trend during last 5 cycles’ graph to the right demonstrates that the client is achieving this level of performance consistently with the five most recent Accountability scores being at or above 96% Accountability. When you consider how to inventory liquor at your bar, make sure your liquor inventory system provides this kind of accuracy and detail. Liquor cost will tell you what your margin is, but does not provide sufficient detail to make truly informed decisions about your bar business. Making a good choice of how to inventory liquor at your bar will give you the information you need to improve profitability.

how to inventory liquor
how to inventory liquor
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