Liquor Inventory Case Study #2

The staff report page from our liquor inventory software for a new client is shown below. Unlike the previous case study, Accountability did not increase during the period and actually declined during our first five liquor inventory audits. More importantly however you can see in the figure below (“Liquor cost trend during last 5 cycles” bar graph) that liquor cost fell consistently due to the information provided by our liquor inventory software. The client had a great bar business going but found their costs were too high. Looking at their liquor cost was telling them that things weren’t as they should be but didn’t provide the detail necessary to find the root cause of the problem. By using our liquor inventory software over two months we were able to diagnose and fix the problem. The result was a 4% fall in their liquor cost which they’ve managed to maintain. In this case the issue was not liquor inventory shrinkage but issues related to the pricing and portioning of popular drinks. Our liquor inventory software provided more detailed information which allowed them to identify and address the issue and had a significant impact on their liquor cost and bar profits.

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