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Sales opportunity with growing startup

Bar-i Liquid Accounting (www.bar-i.com) is looking to hire a salesperson. We are a liquor inventory company which provides an easy way for bars and restaurants do their liquor inventory more effectively using our proprietary software. We currently serve ~50 clients and are growing at a steadily. While we are growing at a good rate, we are looking to increase our active sales activities as we don’t feel our current sales processes are as well developed as other parts of our business. We do have a well developed CRM system with over1000 local leads but aren’t using it as actively as we should be. Additionally our free online downloadable tools currently collect another 1000 contacts per year. We want to combine our expertise in our business with your experience and expertise in sales. Compensation will be predominately performance based but we are willing to share the profit pie with someone who brings value to our company.

We are looking for someone with sales experience to become a sales person for us but also to help us develop a direct sales strategy. The position would be part time initially since you will likely need an alternate source of income during ramp up. In the longer term there is unlimited potential as we continue to grow nationally (as of now we have clients in five different States). Ideally we would like to begin a long-term relationship with someone who becomes our National Director of Sales.

Ideal Candidate:
• Significant sales experience including proven record of success
• Available for direct sales 9:30am to noon and/ or 2pm to 4pm Mon- Thurs
• Desire to take an active role in growing a small company
• Familiarity with the hospitality industry and/ or inventory controls preferred

• Fixed stipend to cover out of pocket expenses
• 50% commission for all new sales (Average $2,500, payable after 1 month and 6 months after successful sale)

To apply:
• Please review our website in detail to get a feel for our company (www.bar-i.com). This is a requirement of applying. If you aren’t able to demonstrate having done this thoroughly during the interview process you will be wasting your time.
• Email a resume and cover letter to Jamie@bar-i.com
• Cover letter must include:
1. Explanation of current work and personal situation
2. Description of relevant experience
3. Some comments about the sales philosophy and/ or techniques you would apply in order to be successful in this role
o (NB: your application must show clear evidence of having taken the time to review our website and address the three elements above)

Interview process
• Initial interview will be a 20 minute Skype webmeeting
• 2 further rounds in person

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