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full service liquor inventory system

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Full Service

Full-service liquor inventory for bars and restaurants that want optimum performance and prefer to enjoy the additional benefits of having the actual counting professionally handled and regular management support in person.

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  • Reduce Liquor cost by 3% on average
  • Get started with a trial
  • Saves time since we perform all calculations and analysis
  • Completely flexible with no contract to sign
  • Detailed variance report emailed the same day
  • Price per audit includes unlimited support from a real-life American
  • Bar-i integrates with virtually any POS system inc. Aloha, Future, Restaurant Manager, Micros, Digital Dining, POSitouch, Squirrel and many more.

If you are interested in either of our service options, please allow us the opportunity to show you our liquor inventory system by performing a liquor inventory audit for you. Get to know us, put our system to the test and get hard numbers to base your buying decision on.

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