Free Liquor Inventory Spreadsheet


  • Simplified data entry
  • Eliminate manual data transfer
  • Zone based counting
  • Automated calculations
  • Liquor cost trend analysis
  • Auto loading


    Weigh open products

  • Count full products with your voice
  • Count in half the time
  • Auto-generate your Weekly Order
  • Full service setup- we come to your bar
  • Flexible schedule and no term contract


Our free liquor inventory spreadsheet provides a faster and more efficient way to perform liquor inventory at your bar or restaurant. Bar-i’s free liquor inventory spreadsheet is a genuinely free downloadable Excel template which you can use to calculate liquor cost at your bar. To find out more and download this tool, simply click on the “Get Free Count” button and follow the instructions. You will be able to watch a brief video to see how our free liquor inventory spreadsheet works before you proceed with the download. Bar-i’s Free Liquor Inventory Spreadsheet offers six advantages compared to the typical “clipboard liquor inventory method”:

  • Simplified Data Entry
  • Eliminating Data Transfer from Clipboard to Computer
  • The Bar-i “Zone System”
  • Automatic Calculations
  • Tracking changes in your liquor cost graphically
  • Auto-loading to save time and reduce manual operations

We know our liquor inventory systems are great, but we also know everyone says that. Our free tool is designed to allow you to get to know our company and products with zero cost. When you see that our free liquor inventory system works better than what you’re currently doing we know that’ll get you thinking about how good our paid products must be. Thanks for visiting. You’re about to take the first step in making your life a little better by making liquor inventory suck just a little bit less.

Bar-i Speed Count is simply the fastest, most efficient way to calculate your liquor cost for just $50 per month. With Speed Count you’ll cut counting time in half and eliminate tedious data transfer. It’s time to ‘Lose the Clipboard’ and start using dedicated bar inventory counting software. Weigh open bottles at a rate of one per two seconds and count full items using your voice. Speed count costs just $50 per month with no contract plus the one off cost of your equipment. Equipment packages start at just $60 and our full professional equipment package is less than $1000. Get Speed Count today and enjoy:

  • Count up to 500 items an hour
  • Weigh open products to the hundredth of an ounce in 2 seconds
  • Use voice command to count full items with your voice
  • Eliminate manual data entry and tedious transfer to Excel
  • Produce your weekly order in seconds based on Pars and precise counts
  • Upgrade seamlessly to Speed Count Pro to precisely compare ounces poured versus actually sold for every product in your bar

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