Bar-i sees strong growth in Sales of Self Count Liquor Inventory System

Bar-i sees strong growth in sales of self count liquor inventory system

Bar-i press release: 4/04/2012

After launching a self-count version of their liquor inventory system a year ago, Bar-i reports that sales of the self-count version now account for the majority of new client sales.

At the beginning of 2011, Bar-i intelligent inventory was a small Colorado based company offering liquor inventory services to bars and restaurants. One day one of their smaller volume clients called to say that while they were enjoying using Bar-i’s detailed performance reports to manage their bar, they had decided to discontinue using the service based on a cost cutting initiative. “Honestly we were quite disappointed,” comments Bar-i owner Jamie Edwards. “In a small business environment you tend to have pretty close working relationships with your clients meaning that it’s hard not to take things personally.”

Despite the setback, Bar-i was able to turn a negative into a positive: Realizing that the issue was primarily cost, rather than the quality or usefulness of the product they provided, Bar-i decided they needed to find a more cost effective way to deliver their service to clients. A couple of months later, they performed the very first setup of the self count version of their liquor inventory system for the client that had recently dropped them. The client in question was the Colorado franchisor of a well known national pizza chain. The level of sophistication of the client meant they were easily able to implement the new system and the ‘pilot’ went off without a hitch.

Bar-i owner Jamie recalls events, “After the fact we were really encouraged by the results. Having the client do the actual counting and running the POS report meant we were able to offer our inventory service at a significantly lower cost. Providing a simplified version of our liquor inventory software to the client meant they could count their liquor inventory in half the time, and we were able to provide the same detailed performance reports remotely.”

12 months on Bar-i has grown their client list by more than 50% with the majority of new clients opting for the self count system. While higher volume clients still tend to opt for full service version of the liquor inventory system, the choice of service options means that Bar-i is able to appeal to a wider range of clients and has also been able to begin providing liquor inventory services to out-of-state clients. Full details of Bar-i and their service offerings can be found at

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