Bar-i intelligent inventory reports strong revenue growth in 2011

Bar-i intelligent inventory reports strong revenue growth in 2011

Press release: 4/09/2012

Bar-i intelligent inventory reports that revenue grew by more than 50% in 2011 compared to 2010. During their second full year in business, growth has been driven by sales of their self count liquor inventory system.

Colorado based providers of liquor inventory services for bar and restaurants, Bar-i intelligent inventory, reports that they experienced high levels of revenue growth in 2011 with revenue growing by more than 50% for the year. The expansion has centered around an expanding client roster in Denver and most significantly from sales in their self count liquor inventory service which they launched early in 2011. Owner Scott Douhitt commented, “Overall we’re delighted with the progress we’ve made in 2011: Revenue growth beat all the targets we set at the start of the year. Expansion into new markets and sales of our new self-count system, have also provided more diversity to our revenue sources which we’re pleased about. Sales of our core full-service liquor inventory product still account for a very significant portion of our business and we’ve expanded our salesforce in Denver to meet demand in this market. In addition, we feel very confident about the potential for continuing growth through our self-count system: We recently added our first out-of-state clients and began offering our services nationally in 2012.”

Despite 2011 being a challenging year economically, Bar-i has continued to add clients at an increasing rate as marketing initiatives and referrals from existing clients play their parts. The bar business is a mature industry that is often believed to be somewhat immune from economic downturns. During the recent tough times, bar owners have sought to cut costs as they see revenues stagnate and Bar-i’s liquor inventory software allows many operators to cut their liquor costs by more 3% in most cases. “Overall we attribute our success to our continued focus on the experience of our clients,” says Scott. “During 2011 we made significant upgrades to our liquor inventory software such as integrating voice command software to increase efficiency and adding other new functionalities like our dynamic ordering guide.” Full details of Bar-i’s service offerings and their free resources and knowledge articles can be found at

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