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Can Your Bar Inventory System Overcome the Fundamental Problems Created by the Different Units of Measurement Used for Selling and Inventorying Liquor?

When done properly, bar inventory is a valuable tool that can help you improve the performance of your bar and maximize profitability. Unfortunately, many bars struggle to take advantage of the numerous benefits that are possible as a result of

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Examining the Adoption of POS Systems to Predict the Future of Bar Inventory

Overall, the bar and restaurant industry has notoriously been slow to adopt new technology. In fact, bars and restaurants often react to the introduction of new technology with apprehension and disapproval. But over time, more and more establishments eventually grow

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5 Reasons to Ditch the Clipboard and Upgrade Your Bar Inventory System

In recent years, the traditional way of taking bar inventory using a clipboard has become very outdated. Advances in technology have made more sophisticated bar inventory systems much more effective and affordable. It is common for bars utilizing the old-school

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7 Restaurant Service and Profitability Lessons from Tim Kirkland, Author of “The Renegade Server” (Part 2)

In our last post, we discussed several tips I learned from Tim Kirkland that will help your staff improve their service and maximize tips. Fortunately, Tim had so many great pieces of advice that we couldn’t fit them into one

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7 Restaurant Service and Profitability Lessons from Tim Kirkland, Author of “The Renegade Server” (Part 1)

Bar-i is a member of the Colorado Bar Owners Association, an organization that represents the interests of local bar and restaurant owners, as well as other businesses involved in the restaurant industry. Currently, there are more than 200 local establishments

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Is Your Happy Hour Cannibalizing Your Sales?

The bar business is extremely competitive. Most large towns with a bustling night life will have dozens of bars in a concentrated area. In cities, this figure can be much higher. When you add a high failure rate to the

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“Magic Clipboard” Inventory Systems: Do They Provide Value or Just an Affordable Price?

There are more bar inventory options than ever. If you are still recording inventory data onto a clipboard and manually transferring it to a spreadsheet, you are spending much more time than is necessary without achieving any of the truly actionable

New Bar-i Licensee Completes First Week of Training

Over the past few years, Bar-i has grown into a successful liquor inventory business. While many of the bars and restaurants we work with are in Colorado, we are currently providing services to 60 clients nationwide. Recently, Jamie and Scotty

4 Commonly Used, Yet Flawed Methods to Inventory Liquor Bottles at Your Bar

Not all liquor inventory methods are created equal. There are four factors which impact the effectiveness of a particular method. In order to ensure you receive the precise, actionable information necessary to determine the performance of each product sold at

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This page is currently in beta form. Please click the links below to watch our training videos:  A guide to our performance reports: vimeo | youtube Make changes to the counting map: vimeo | youtube Enter a new product: vimeo | youtube How to use the error tab: vimeo | youtube