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What’s your business concept? Just fun. We’re a locals bar where everybody comes in and has a good time. Why did you decide to have a trial? You seemed like good guys and I saw the value in getting some

Westside Cafe


What’s your business concept? Casual American comfort food in a neighborhood environment. Why did you decide to have a trial? Liquor inventory / liquor control. I always thought it was curious that bars have the same people pouring as they

Mellow Mushroom


What’s your business concept? A badass pizza joint with a focus on premium ingredients and premium beers. We appeal to a range of consumers from vegans to carnivores with beer bellies. Why did you decide to have a trial? I

The Hornet


What’s your business concept? Primarily an upscale pub serving innovative comfort food with a little international flair. We have an eclectic crowd anywhere from the neighborhood tattoo artist, to local business people and even the police force. Whether you’re looking

Highland Pacific


What’s your business concept? Restaurant/ bar specializing in seafood and oysters. Live music and a strong emphasis on customer service. Why did you decide to have a trial? A good friend of ours, Andy Ganick from the Berkshire, recommended it.

Eric’s – Downstairs at Breckenridge


What’s your business concept? Downstairs at Erics is a family sports bar. High volume; pizza, beer, and burgers. 14 HD tv’s and family fun. Why did you decide to have a trial? When I first saw the brochure, I thought:

Liquor inventory… FAST

…using two hands and voice command!

$300 per month

…on our most popular pricing plan

No term contract

…just results and service which speak for themselves