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Liquor Inventory Case Study #10

 The ‘Dynamic Par’: Ordering with a purpose This case study takes a closer look at the value added by the ‘dynamic par’ portion of the Bar-i liquor inventory software. You as a bar owner or manager are likely aware of

Liquor Inventory Case Study #9

Liquor Inventory Variance Report: Know What You’re losing This case study is a good example of how the ‘Variance Report’ portion of the Bar-i liquor inventory software report can help bar owners and managers recognize problem products that are affecting

Liquor Inventory Case Study #8

Liquor Cost. Change Your Perception. The case study below is a clear example of how a bar’s liquor cost can be a good deal lower than what many people in the bar industry believe to be an acceptable liquor cost.

The unique cache of Red Bull


What is it with Red Bull? The product is at least twice as expensive as any competitor yet is stocked in most bars you drink in. It’s not alcohol yet it costs more than bottled beer. While Red Bull’s marketing

The problem with beverage cost


A popular method bar owners use to gauge how their business is performing is evaluating their beverage cost. Often historical numbers are compared to current numbers: If beverage Cost percentage is 20% this month and 20% last month and 20%

Optimize your POS system


Since the price of every single drink poured affects your liquor cost so it makes sense to think carefully about the price of every single drink you serve. This article focuses on how setting up your POS buttons in a

The Berkshire


What’s your business concept? Refined comfort food. Our slogan says it all: “Swine, wine and a good time” Why did you decide to have a trial of our liquor inventory system? I had tried Bevinco at the suggestion of a

Buffalo Rose


What’s your business concept? Buffalo Rose is a locals bar. We have a variety of live music in our venue and our patio is the place to be in the summer. Why did you decide to have a trial? To

Nobody likes shrinkage!

The easiest way to compare the number of drinks rung with the number poured at your bar

Liquid Accounting

Turn your great bar into a great business!