7 stages of an Inventory audit


  1. Setup: The first step in implementing Bar-i’s hybrid liquor inventory system is to pick us at your local airport. Stop stressing about how you’ll implement your new inventory system; we’ll fly to your bar so we can take care of the setup for you. On day one we setup our proprietary software for the unique characteristics of your bar by integrating with your POS system, writing precise recipes for every button in the system, adding new products to our system database, mapping out your whole bar by scanning every barcode and installing our the software onto your laptop.
  2. Training: On the second day of your setup we’ll perform one on one training together using our counting software for the first time to complete an inventory count together. Learn by doing from an expert not from a manual. Videos are used during and after to supplement your learning by showing you exactly what you will see on your screen during each step of the process.
  3. Scan Your invoices: Once training is completed, every time you count your inventory using Bar-i, the first step is to scan your paper delivery invoices so we know exactly what was purchased. There is no need to enter every new delivery into the system, simply save your paper invoices and scan them to the cloud so we can take care of the data entry for you.
  4. Count Your Inventory: Users of our speed count inventory system count in half the time weighing open bottles at the rate of one per 3 seconds and using voice command software to enter full product counts in the store room. After counting is complete, run your POS report and let us complete the rest of the process for you remotely. You have a dedicated expert assistant every time to ensure speed, accuracy and ease of use.
  5. Complete Variance Report: Once we complete your results, we identify potential errors and have you make a few double checks to ensure your results are error free. We send your detailed performance report back the same day as you count.
  6. Manage More Effectively: Rather than scratching their head with Liquor Cost wondering why their costs have moved unexpectedly again, Bar-i users have the ability to make informed decisions based on precise data. Our system saves you time and provides an invaluable check and balance for your entire beverage program and team. You and your managers also receive regular expert advice and feedback on how to perform better.
  7. Spot Check Your Problem Items: Alongside our detailed performance report, each Bar-i liquor inventory audit includes our free Spot Checker Tool. The Spot Checker Tool allows you to perform precise audits of individual shifts and bartenders to keep your business performing at the very best.

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