5 Steps to Implement an audit


  1. Discovery meeting- During a ‘Discovery Meeting’ phone call we answer your questions to confirm we are a good fit for your business and scope the extent of your liquor inventory so we can determine the required setup time.
  2. Book flights- Next step is to choose dates for the setup and pay. Our standard setup costs $1500 plus our out of pocket expenses to travel to your bar. We take care of everything from booking the flights, purchasing your equipment and training. All you need to do is come and pick us up from your local airport.
  3. Setup Day 1- During the first day of the setup we take care of all the boring and technical elements of the system setup including: adding new products to the database, mapping out all storage areas, adding all items to the system using product barcodes, integrating with your POS system, writing precise recipes for every button in the system and providing recommendations to improve the efficiency of you business.
  4. Setup Day 2- On the second day of your setup you will perform your first detailed inventory count using our proprietary counting software. Learning is easy since you learn by doing from an expert. We are there to guide you through the learning curve.
  5. Get on with running your business- Once you drop us back at the airport, you can rest easy knowing your new system has been successfully implemented. The beauty of the system is that we perform the setup for you meaning all you need to do is pay an invoice, pick us up from the airport and then let us teach you how to use the counting tool.

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